City wants violators to sweat small stuff

City wants violators to sweat small stuff - The Boston Globe
Bostonians may be used to getting slapped with fines for illegal parking. But bad behavior will soon cost city residents, too. Armed with new citation books, police are to begin issuing tickets for scores of transgressions of city ordinances: from loud, late-night parties and improperly stored trash to posting handbills in certain public places and using laser pointers in public. The tickets, carrying fines of $10 to $300, are the latest in a series of crime-fighting moves mounted by the city, as officials seek solutions to a wave of violent crime.

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  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    This is good news. It's the little things that really do affect quality of life in Allston/Brighton. Being more vigilant about loud parties and littering I think has the potential to significantly improve things, as well as ticketing people that block intersections and blatently run red lights. Of course in addition to keeping citizens behaving, the city also needs to provide the necessary services on their end as well, such as road maintenance, keeping public spaces clean, and traffic signals that are timed properly, just to name a few.