Charlesview Residents & Harvard To Swap Coveted Land

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Allston Residents To Swap Coveted Land
After three years of negotiations, the board of directors of Charlesview Inc., the company that owns the apartment complex at the heart of Harvard’s planned Allston campus, voted yesterday to pursue a land swap with the University.

The deal would give Harvard five acres of land next to the Business School campus in exchange for a 6.5 acre Harvard-owned site further along Western Avenue.

“I think the major item is the fact that there is 6.5 acres rather than five acres,” said Board Chair Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger, who leads one of the synagogues that administers Charlesview. “I think this has made a major change in the proposal and made us look at it a lot differently.”

Despite tenant resistance, Halbfinger remains optimistic that Charlesview will complete its move.

“I really can’t see anything that’s going to break the deal at this point, but you never know,” he said. “It’s never over ’till it’s over.”

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