What will Harvard's wrecking ball hit?

According to Harvard, "The following buildings currently occupy the site and may be vacated and demolished to enable the Science Complex to proceed:
- 118 & 118R Western Avenue;
- 130-140 Western Avenue;
- 144-148 Western Avenue;
- 100 Windom Street;
- 28 Travis Street;
- 156 Western Avenue; and
- 168 Western Avenue."
That Harvard uses the word "may" is troubling. Don't they know what buildings they will need to demolish?
I used Boston's online property database to find these buildings. The first problem is that 118 & 118R Western Ave do not exist according to Boston's information. I found the other 6 buildings and I was amazed how much space in the neighborhood they take up. The proposed science complex will use something like 1/2 of this space. If Harvard demolishes these buildings what will happen there? Will it be another Harvard-owned empty parking lot behind a chain link fence for years to come?

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