Colleges as city builders - Third in a series of Globe Editorials

Colleges as city builders - The Boston Globe
"A master plan update published last month by Northeastern University reflects a successful accord between the college and its neighbors on the siting of two future dormitories. But elsewhere, the bar is still too low. Harvard has retained renowned architect Stefan Behnisch, whose design for a science center includes a 125-foot building east of Barry's Corner in Allston. The early design serves the university's top scientists. But neighbors still don't know how it fits into the rest of Harvard's plans for Allston, because Harvard isn't scheduled to submit its master plan until January. This fact wasn't lost on scores of Allston residents at a community meeting Monday, who, by a show of hands, told Harvard officials that they wanted no part of a plan that arrives in pieces.
City officials promise they are watching Harvard's master plan carefully. 'If they don't get it done and done right, they won't get this building,' vows Linda Kowalcky, the mayor's liaison for higher education."

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