HARVARD INC. | Metropolis Magazine

HARVARD INC. | Metropolis Magazine | February 2001

This story is 5 years old (before One Western Ave was built and when Harvard was trying to build a museum on Western Ave in Cambridge where Mahoney's used to be) but 5 years later this is still a very true and relevant story about Harvard's continual expansion. Here's the final paragraph:
"The thing that really troubles me is if you look at what Cambridge once was, as recently as the 1950s, there was a balance between the residential and the academic," says Defense Fund vice president Forbes, who obtained his doctorate in history from the university, studying seventeenth-century religious dissent. "But since the 1960s the balance has shifted. The big sword of Damocles hanging over the future is: Where is it going to stop? What further imbalance is going to be created because of Harvard's future needs?"

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