University/Public School partnerships need a push

In September, the Harvard Gazette wrote this article celebrating the announcement of this partnership. Last week, Acting School Superintendent Michael Contompasis complained that the campuses were moving too slowly to suit the school system.

Editorial in Today's Globe - School partnerships need a push

A PLAN BY five major research universities (Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, Tufts, and Northeastern) to adopt 10 public schools in Boston is creaking along, despite school department hopes that the partnerships would be underway in the new year. If college officials are going to make a significant contribution to the city's schools, they must first adopt an urban sense of urgency.

On Jan. 4, the leaders of 10 struggling schools are scheduled to meet with university experts in the areas of public health, after-school programming, curriculum support, family engagement, and pedagogy. The plan, according to Deputy Superintendent Chris Coxson, is for the universities to step up in their individual fields of expertise and provide help across the board to the following schools: English High School; the Lewenberg and Curley middle schools; and the Agassiz, Winthrop, Chittick, Marshall, Russell, Elihu Greenwood, and Trotter elementary schools.

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