Harvard finds a better way to plan a museum

This story in today's Globe makes special note of how differently Harvard is working with its Cambridge neighbors versus how it dealt with its Allston neighbors when it proposed an art building on Western Ave. In Allston, Harvard had trouble deciding what and where it wanted to build and why it was proposing these different plans. Harvard talked to the Globe before it talked to its neighbors and residents were not pleased.

So its nice to see Harvard talking a different approach in Cambridge with the Fogg renovation and it would be nice to see development in Allston be done the same way.

"This time around, Harvard is being careful. No glitzy press conferences or snazzy videos showing virtual tours - typical when museums announce building plans. Instead, Harvard Art Museum leaders have quietly held open houses and attended community meetings to make sure Cambridge residents approve of their latest multiyear project"

"Harvard is trying to make sure it shares information about the Quincy Street project with residents early, allowing them plenty of time to voice objections. Last month more than 600 neighbors were invited to a presentation and discussion at the Fogg"

""They've done a very very good job of informing the neighbors as to what is going on, and what the timeline is," said Joan Pickett, a member of the Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Association. "Their outreach and their information have been very strong."

Pickett said she considers the project "non-controversial."

"They're keeping it within the scope of the neighborhood buildings, in terms of heights," she said. "They're not proposing anything controversial, as I think they were the last time. They're not proposing anything that really seems at this point to impinge on the character of the neighborhood. I haven't heard anything from any of the abutters that they're concerned, and that is usually a good sign."

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