A vague attempt at damage control

The Harvard Crimson :: Opinion :: Harvard Hopes to Maintain Open Dialogue with Allston

Interesting choice of words to conclude this propaganda:

"It is always our intention to be active listeners and to fully communicate."

Doesn't most everyone know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Bartleby.com's explanation of this expression fits this situation quite well - "Merely intending to do good, without actually doing it, is of no value".

Harvard's secret land purchases, telling the Boston Globe before the Allston community about major changes to its art warehouse proposal, refusal to work with the community to find suitable locations for the relocation of Charlesview or WBZ, or abandonment of the Harvard-owned ex-CITGO station and many other properties in Allston and Brighton, make it pretty clear what Harvard is doing in Allston and Brighton, regardless of what "intentions" the Harvard employees might profess to have.

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