Successful first meeting of A/B Bike group

The meeting on Tuesday of Allston/Brighton bicyclists was a great success. Arriving a few minutes late, I could tell it would be a good meeting because of the many bikes on the sidewalk in front of Smoken Joe's on Washington St. Inside I found 40 people filling the restaurant enthusiastic about making Allston and Brighton a better place for bicycling. There were some familiar faces like Alex Selvig and John Quatrale but many more people who I had never met or seen at a community meeting. City Hall was represented by Boston's "bike czar" Nicole Freedman and Aldo Ghirin from the Parks Department and there were people there from MassBike, the Allston/Brighton CDC, and other groups interested in improving our city and transportation in it.

This was the group's first meeting so mostly it was a time to meet each other and volunteer to help the group in different ways. Thanks to Chris Ditunno for organizing the group. It will be great to have a group organized to support and encourage more bicycling here.

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