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The opinion piece by Allston resident David McNair in this week's TAB explains what many people believe to be one of the most important issues relating to the proposed Charlesview expansion and relocation. David writes about the benefits and precedents for a true mixed income development. This is this the opposite of what Charlesview proposed - they want to put exclusively low-income housing at the KMart site and all of the project's market-rate condos along the river.

Overwhelming evidence has shown that a real, integrated development, with people of diverse incomes living side-by-side, is best for the people living in the development and the people living around it.

"Mixed-Income Housing: Myth and Fact" published by the Urban Land Institute, tells us that:

"Mixed-income housing has been recognized as a means to leverage market forces to provide a secure, high-quality, well-maintained living environment while increasing affordable housing options for lower- and moderate-income households. As a result, mixing incomes has become a popular way to supply affordable housing options, increase absorption in large planned developments, revitalize urban neighborhoods, and decrease the concentration of poverty in publicly assisted housing. When located close to job centers and services, mixed-income housing provides more than just another housing product—it also activates smart growth principles by reducing travel times and congestion."
Mixed-Income Housing Developments: Promise and Reality, published by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, recognizes that "mixed-income housing is not a silver bullet" but also concludes that

"History has shown that concentrating large numbers of very poor households in one area is a destructive policy that is to be avoided at all costs."

In the face of strong evidence like this, it is hard to understand why Charlesview and Harvard favor an economically-segregated development.

Charlesview, the City, and Harvard need to hear from the Allston and Brighton community that we understand the benefits and importance of an inclusive, integrated development and the benefits of mixed-income development.

Please write to the Editor of the TAB at allston-brighton@cnc.com to support a mixed-income Charlesview.

Charlesview plans should promote economic diversity in housing - Allston/Brighton TAB

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