Really Really Free Market tomorrow (Sunday)

The Allston/Brighton Neighborhood Assembly invites you to the second Allston Really Really Free Market on Sunday from 10-4 at Ringer Park.

What is a Really Really Free Market? It's just like it sounds, a market that is really, really free. People bring stuff (like books, cloths, food,toys, music, crafts, skills, art, etc, but no furniture please), and people take stuff. No money involved, everything is free. There will also be frisbees, football sand other things to play games with.

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  1. Anonymous12:05 AM

    This is such a great idea on so many levels. It's recycling, community building, really really reasonably priced necessities & just a great example of giving, receiving, and sharing. Yay, you!

    I assume that since you are asking people not to bring items that aren't easy to get rid of/donate, etc, that you are taking responsibility for those items that are not claimed by the end of the day. This is very generous of you, and the organizational undertaking of such a task sounds arduous at best.

    I have a suggestion wich you may have already considered and abandoned for some logistical reasons I'm not seeing immediately, but here goes... Have you considered allowing people to bring larger items and items like TV's and CRT screens as long as they come after ...say, noontime...and agree to retain the items they brought that didn't find a new home? Obviously, such folks would need to stay til the end of the day (or take their items when they leave if they choose to go earlier). Along with a "limited time duration", you could give such items a catchy category name, and have donors comply with a minor registration/tracking form and procedure. You'd have their name, license plate # and the items they brought, and that would make them accountable to collect them at the close of the time period. I'm not sure what kind of recourse you could impose for abandoned items.

    anyway...I'll be there on Sunday, and i wish you much success with this utopian endeavor!