Best of Boston in Allston

Congrats to the Allston restaurants recognized by Boston Magazine in the new Best of Boston issue:

2nd Cup Café - Best of Boston 2008, Neighborhood Coffee, Allston
Pedigreed beans (George Howell) ground and brewed in small batches make for the freshest refueling stop on the block.
111 Brighton Ave.

Fun Food Snackery - Best of Boston 2008, Neighborhood Sweets, Allston
Zero humdrum sundaes here. Dig into exotic shaved ice, crazy mounds of fruit, and Christina's ice cream, scooped by one sweet staff.
141 Brighton Ave.

Deep Ellum - Best of Boston 2008, Neighborhood Brunch, Allston
Savory a.m. chow and mule-kick libations heighten the appeal of this pub, whose sufficiently classy air keeps PJ-clad coeds at bay.
477 Cambridge St.

S&I to Go - Best of Boston 2008, Neighborhood Takeout, Allston
Notwithstanding Allston's gobsmacking collection of world cuisines, it's still tough to beat Thai—especially when it's done this fast, cheap, and satisfying.
168A Brighton Ave.

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