Voter registration table denied access to the Allston Street Fair

According to this post, the organizers of the Allston Village Street Fair have decided to not allow a voter registration table at the fair. Allston has one of the lowest voting rates around, so it would have been great to encourage people to register to vote at this popular event on Sunday.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need Event CANCELED: Voter registration table at Allston Village Street Fair


  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Joan Pasquale is the person who has the final say in who gets in and who doesn't. I do know she wasn't happy about having non-profits at the fair last year.
    I also know that several groups pulled out of the fair this year because of some inside issues.
    Tim Schofield was on last year's street fair committee and he was the person who said it was okay to have the non-profits in the fair. I do not know who is on the committee this year, but if he is then wouldn't it work to his advantage to help register voters. Even though he lost the election last year. It's just too bad for the community to lose all the voters whether they are long or short term residents. I wonder if Mayor Mennino could have done anything about it or Councillor Ciommo. It is too bad nothing wasn't said about the denial until today.

  2. Does anyone know why?? If there is a general non partisan voter-registration table - which there really should be - then I might not be so unhappy with this news.
    The impression I've gotten is that Mayor Menino doesn't care about the Allston community. If he cared about Allston as a community, then maybe he'd have done something about voter registration or other non-profit booths at the fair... and maybe AB North wouldn't be in such a frustrating situation with Harvard.

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I am sure it's not personal. From what I could ascertain it was a Democratic ticket voter reg table and not a non-partisan voter reg that the city sets up. It was set up specifically for the Obama/Biden ticket.

    I recently learned (from an attorney who was helping me with some info for a non-profit school) that in order for an organization to maintain Non-Profit status it cannot sway in a political direction. In order for the producing Organization (PCBG Inc) of the Allston Village Street Fair, a registered non-profit, to allow one political voter registration, they would have to open voter registration for every conceivable political party out there.

    Perhaps the organizer just learned of this rule regarding politics and NPOs and that may be the reason why you were cancelled? Not sure about your particular case, but I am willing to bet it had something to do with preserving their non-profit status. It's likely just as simple as that.

  4. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Our non-profit decided not to be in it this year because we had too many issues going on at our church and lack of enthusiam. As for the voter registration table, I can understand about the table being run by one political party. I thought it was being done by the League of Women voter or the V.F.W. or someone else along those lines. As long as it doesn't rain out, the parade should be a good take.

  5. We were refused participation in the fair because Pasquale wants it to be apolitical.

    I have no problem with that. However, I have a big problem with the way she treated me, which I gather is nothing new for her.

    The whole story's on my blog.

  6. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Sorry, I see no reason for a partisan voter registration table:

    - No, the fact that it's a public event doesn't count as sufficient notice to all other parties that they could set up shop.
    - No, it's not the responsibility of the Fair to go solicit other political parties to be present.

    And your letter to the local politicians conveniently left out such details that would have made it obvious to them the Fair was making the right decision.

    Either play by the rules and leave the writings of the heavenly father Obama at home or don't participate. If you're just going to crash the thing with volunteers I can guarantee you're going to turn off a ton of folks. It's this sort of obnoxious attitude that drives people away from Obama and why McCain has passed him in the polls. Imagine how bad McCain would be wiping the floor with Barak if Bush wasn't as bad as he is? That's how weak Barak is. If you're going to fight for something, fight for a table to gain signatures to reinstate Hillary! At least she polled better than Barak.

    Barak is like this awesome party you go to. You feel great that night, getting wasted and laid. Then you wake up in the morning feeling horrible and realize you made a huge mistake.

    Hillary 2012! Would have been nice to break the glass ceiling, but looks like we handed that one to Palin and the Republicans.

  7. Anonymous4:32 PM

    This is to anonymous: your comments were very nasty and uncalled for. I believe the point was that every body should be geristered to vote. It doesn't matter who registers you, it would have made it easier to do it at the street fair as so many young folks would be there and lots of others who probably haven't been registered or know where to go in the area. If I wasn't already registered and martians were doing the registering I wouldn't care. You need to grow up and get rid of your anger some other way.

  8. Joan Pasquale asked me to post this comment for her because she has been having some technical problems that prevent her from posting it herself.

    An Unbiased Voter Registration Table was Never Cancelled or Booked for the Allston Village Street Fair

    Jonathan Kamens of Brighton emailed me requesting an Obama Campaign Voter Registration Table and was told that PCBG, Inc's Mission Statement clearly states that we do not Support or Assist Political Groups or Organizations, and as the Sponsor of the AVSF Event, to do so would imply a Political endorsement. Mr Kamens was told No Political Literature, but yes to an Unbiased Voter Registration Table. Mr. Kamens pursued the Obama issue aggressively to the point where he was asked not to continue contact, which he ignored. Mr. Kamens was then told that based on the tone of his emails and his aggressive behavior that the PCBG, Inc., Board decided against Mr. Kamens being allowed a Vendor Table at the AVSF. Mr. Kamens then threatened to discredit me through letter of complaint to the Mayor's Office., Boston City Council and the Media, which he has done. According to the Obama website - Mr. Kamens posted an Invitation to attend the Obama Campaign Voter Registration Table at the AVSF before he even had a reservation, and then posted the cancellation which is wrong. I am happy to forward Mr. Kamens email correspondence with the PCBG. There was never a reservation for a Voter Registration Table to be Cancelled.

  9. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Just a note: There are two different posters to this thread called Anonymous.

  10. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Jonathan Kamens you got SERVED! Two sides to every story and it's clear by your attitude and tone that Joan Pasquale, and honest citizen doing a good thing for Allston, was in the right!

    One could say your obsession is borderline...oh, "religious" towards the almighty Obama. Don't you realize your fanatical attitude is what's turning this country away from Democrats. None of my Republican friends act like nutjobs like you Obama disciples.

    Hillary 2012 - the rational voters choice! Hopefully we'll survive 4 more years of McBush to see the light.

    Thanks for stealing away our 18 million cracks though. Hillary should have been the first woman!!!

  11. Anonymous1:45 PM

    In an election as important at this, we must choose the candidate who has a proven record of bipartisanship and reforming government, and that's John McCain. We can't afford a president who lacks experience and judgment and has never crossed party lines to work for meaningful reform. Amid tough economic times and foreign policy concerns, we need someone who is ready to lead. Although I am a Democrat, I recognize that it's more important to put country ahead of party and that's why I support John McCain. - Lynn Forester de Rothschild (2008 Democrat Platform Committee Member)

  12. Anonymous1:59 PM

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  13. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Jonathan Kamens you act like a child whenever you do not get your way. Grow up!