Multiple Coolidge Rd cars damaged

Looks like someone sideswiped several parked cars on Coolidge Road on Friday night or Saturday morning. What a shame!


  1. Lovely. We found a broken bottle of Bacardi shattered partly on our lawn/partly on the sidewalk. As much as a nuisance cleaning something like that up is, it's nothing compared to all those cars getting smushed like that.
    I hope if someone knows anything, they'll come forward.

  2. Anonymous1:35 PM

    When I saw this I just kept saying "oh my god!' How could no one hear that many cars getting hit? I went to the M.B.T.A. meeting last night at the library and saw a car get sideswiped and left a note on the person's car. There was a guy in the house next door and he also got the guy's plate. The car that did the hitting was pretty much beat up at every angle on.

  3. Wow! It must be so upsetting to find your car damaged, the other day I saw something similar, an old lady hit 6 cars in the parking lot of a bank, I felt sorry for the owners of the cars, but also felt sorry for the old lady.
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