Multiple Coolidge Rd cars damaged

Looks like someone sideswiped several parked cars on Coolidge Road on Friday night or Saturday morning. What a shame!


  1. Lovely. We found a broken bottle of Bacardi shattered partly on our lawn/partly on the sidewalk. As much as a nuisance cleaning something like that up is, it's nothing compared to all those cars getting smushed like that.
    I hope if someone knows anything, they'll come forward.

  2. Anonymous1:35 PM

    When I saw this I just kept saying "oh my god!' How could no one hear that many cars getting hit? I went to the M.B.T.A. meeting last night at the library and saw a car get sideswiped and left a note on the person's car. There was a guy in the house next door and he also got the guy's plate. The car that did the hitting was pretty much beat up at every angle on.