Harvard's 2nd night football game brings 20,462 to Allston

One of Harvard's largest non-Yale game crowds in recent memory visited Allston last night to watch Harvard squeak past Holy Cross, 25-24. This year's crowd was comparable to the 19,000 at Harvard's first-ever night football game last year.

As the TAB reports, residents at Wednesday's Allston Civic Association meeting expressed their displeasure with the situation (when Harvard was talking about attendance of 8,000). Like most things related to Harvard, I think the community reaction is based on both what Harvard does, how Harvard does it, and the Harvard-Allston/Brighton history over the past several years.

A TAB reader compares the Head of the Charles Regatta with Harvard football, but to me that is like comparing apples and oranges. If the HOCR owned acres of vacant property in our neighborhood, made a repeated nuisance of itself during construction projects, closed several stores and businesses, supported the development of an economically segregated housing project, etc., etc. then I bet there would be a lot more concern about their regatta. Instead, the HOCR comes to Allston/Brighton once a year, creates an enjoyable event for participants and spectators in Cambridge and Allston, and treats the community with modesty and respect.


  1. jimmy3:09 PM

    Harvard has a lack of Disrespect for our community. Always has and always will. Harvard University will never change their direction towards our Community they will treat us like DIRT and Kick us to the curb when they are FINISHED.

  2. Anonymous4:38 PM

    "Harvard has a lack of Disrespect for our community."

    Wouldn't that imply they have respect for the community? Learn basic language skills then you might earn some respect from someone.

  3. Anonymous9:39 PM

    "Hey Idiot"

    Here are your dam QUOTES.

  4. I was the person who compared the football game and the rowing traffic. I did not realize at the time that it was more about Harvard and less about traffic.
    John Thompson

  5. Harvard is a great footballer but now he has lack of disrespect in the communities. He would increase his respect, if he had done perfect performance in the game.

    Sam Martian

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  6. I was nearly hit by some jerk driving an SUV who passed an approaching bus and zipped into a bus stop to drop off some people going to that game as I was stepping out into the bus stop to flag the bus. It was risky on a number of levels, and completely unacceptable.

    I could hear the play-by-play - word for word - in my apartment over a half mile away when I got home later that evening after 9PM - and my windows were closed. At least when there are day games, at least the sound doesn't travel as far, but at night it's unbearable.

    I don't recall getting any notice about this night game at all. If this came was "community night" or whatever that postcard was that they sent out a few weeks ago, that doesn't count as notifying the community.

  7. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I also had to keep my windows closed that evening because i also heard play by play action. Almost all the time when ever they have a game.