Another BRA Mystery Meeting Tonight

There is another meeting at the Honan Library tonight at 6:30 as part of the development of the North Allston / North Brighton Community Wide Plan. According to the CWP website, the meeting is:
Multi-modal transportation approach & long-range public transportation – BTD, EOT & MBTA
Integrated streets, bike paths/lanes, pedestrian paths, & bus/shuttle networks
Public transportation – buses, UR & commuter rail

Beyond it being likely that the list of subjects and agencies is way too long for a single meeting, we really have no idea what the meeting's agenda is, what the focus will be, what information could have been reviewed before the meeting, or anything else.

Residents similarly knew little about the CWP meeting on September 10 before showing up at the meeting, and it quickly became clear that the meeting was not the best use of every one's time when we couldn't get clear answers to our questions about the terminology being used and what exactly the BRA's consultants wanted us to agree to. Prior to that meeting my requests for an agenda or other preparatory information were rebuffed by the BRA which is too bad because a modest amount of information sharing could have helped that meeting be much more productive. I still want to think that the BRA cares about community input into this planning process and it would be great to see some evidence to support that.

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  1. Maybe we should just create our own agendas and bring them along. If there's 10+ members of the community present with an agenda that they feel is more relevant than that proposed by 6(or so) external people, it seems only fair that those issues get priority.