ABNNF meets TONIGHT, 6:30-8:30 at the Gardner School

Do you care about the future of our neighborhood?

Do you realize our future is threatened by the Charlesview/Harvard plan to build 400 units of economically and physically segregated housing at Brighton Mills and Western Ave?

Do you realize the impact that this tall, high-density, multi-story development will have on our neighborhood?

A volunteer group of concerned citizens, working with the Allston Brighton North Neighbors Forum (ABNNF), is working to address these concerns. With the pro bono help of an experienced urban planner and after more than a dozen ABNNF meetings, we have developed a set of neighborhood goals and a framework plan, creating a welcoming opportunity for the relocated Charlesview residents to successfully become new residents of our neighborhood.

If you care about your neighborhood's future and want to influence change that is surely coming, we urge you to attend the Tuesday, September 9 ABNNF meeting at the Gardner School (30 Athol St) at 6:30 PM to learn how these neighborhood goals have led to the ABNNF framework plan.

As has been proven in other Boston neighborhoods, when citizens speak with a consistent voice, our political leaders listen.

Neighborhood Goals
* Create new mixed-income housing, including Charlesview
* Build new homes at a density comparable to our neighborhood today
* Integrate and connect the neighborhoods east of Everett St, west of Litchfield, and the new Brighton Mills housing
* Balance opportunities for renters and owners
* Develop a lively, attractive, retail "Main Street" on Western Ave
* Create new public parkland and improve access to the Charles River


  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    What proportion of this group is composed of Charlesview tenants?

    To what extent was this group formed by the "NIMBY" (not in my backyeard)or the "BANANA" (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything) motivation?

  2. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Please keep in mind that Sy Mintz planned the existing Charlesview as previously stated in the Globe and my only concern is that is he is the "pro bono" urban planner you are on the same path to a similar set of buildings that have antiquated facades and infrastructure not to mention lack of vision. The current Charlesview couldn't make it 35 years before it was marked as a failure.

  3. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I am an abutter to the proposed location and I feel "strongly" that the new development will improve the streets I walk and live on. Currently there are two many absentee landlords who don't screen their tenants and I end up with poor neighbors as a result. AT least I actually live in my home and take pride in it. Maybe you should all start to pay more attention to your own issues.

  4. Charlesview tenants and members of the Charlesview Board of Directors have attended many ABNNF meetings. Our meetings are open to the public and well publicized (both online and through thousands of flyers that we have hand-delivered and posted across our neighborhood).

  5. Anonymous2:05 PM

    If you people really think that your efforts will produce results you are so misguided. It would be different if you worked with the process instaed of against it. Shocking thought!!!

  6. To the anonymous poster who considers the ABNNF's efforts misguided,

    How would you suggest we work with the process? How do you feel about how Harvard, Charlesview, and their developer are working with the process?

  7. Dear anonymous abutter,

    Just about anything would be better than an empty KMart. I am not too interested in settling for something just because it is better than the mess that Harvard has made by removing decent tenants from our neighborhood. Do you think the Harvard/Charlesview proposal is the best possible proposal? If so, why?

  8. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I have been a resident od Charlesview Apartments for 37 years. My family owned a house on the land before it was developed. My experience with this that there have been many groups and people that come and go and always as it turns out has a underlying motive. The board has chosen some poor to say the least management people since day one. The only saving grace for me and my neighbors at Charlesview is that the management people that they put in the office a few years ago and still there are not only better but actually do what they say and you don't get a bunch of bullshit promises like before, as long as when I move it is the same group of management people I will be very happy to call Charlesview my home for many more years.

  9. Anonymous2:20 PM

    To answer your question about the "process" I think that the developer should be fired and never dealt with again. They are pompous and rude and speak over people in meetings. That Alicia woemn who speaks for them is completely full of herself and can't hear a "word" anyone else is saying!!!! I think we should appeal to the mayer/governor to work with the Charlesview Ownership and Architects to change the proposed plans to better suit the community now and later this maybe our only chance to get what we actually need accomplised I love the idea of the Community Center. As afr as Harvard, they are a machine and they always get their way because they will do whatever it takes to ply the right officials.

  10. Anonymous2:25 PM

    The Harvard Plan is not the best not even close and we should not settle but we should look at the negatives and turn them into something that can work for everyone. You will never please everyone but let's try to please the majority.