In New Haven, a university helps with housing by building it

Wouldn't it be great if Harvard sought opportunities to build housing that would make a positive, cohesive impact in North Allston and North Brighton?

Harvard students have written about architecture in Allston, and a group of Harvard students proposed a Washington Allston Artspace back in 2004 but these activities haven't gotten close to putting a shovel in the ground. And considering how Harvard has refused any public role in the relocation of Charlesview this may seem like a pipe dream. But perhaps some encouragement can be taken from the example of the Yale Architecture program and the latest product of the Yale Building Project which was featured in a recent Yale Daily News story.

A new home - designed and built by Yale Architecture students and faculty - was recently dedicated in New Haven. It is the 20th affordable home the architecture school has built for members of the New Haven community and the same lot will be the site of projects in 2009 and 2010.

“We, as a school, hope to make a positive, cohesive impact on the King Place neighborhood,” Yale School of Architecture Dean Robert A.M. Stern said.

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