Utility boxes because artists' canvas

Two years ago I wrote admiringly about Stamford, Connecticut's program to turn ugly utility boxes into attractive art. It is great to see that now Boston is following suit.

Boston's new PaintBox program is taking a modest first step, painting "10 boxes in neighborhoods like Codman Square, West Roxbury, and the South End."

This would be great to see expanded to some of the dirty, graffiti covered boxes here in Allston and Brighton.

City draws out artists with project of public canvases - The Boston Globe


  1. Katie Reed4:23 PM

    Interesting -- because Allston village Main Streets has broached this subject with the City and has been told that it was against code. I'll follow-up to see if we can get in on this!

  2. Anonymous6:08 AM

    This should be brought to our Councilor's attention. It is part of "fight the blight".

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