Brent Whelan Charlesview Op-Ed in the Harvard Crmison

Brent Whelan writes in today's Crimson about Harvard's role in the Charlesview relocation - what Harvard's role has been to date (supporting an economically segregated plan, with low-income tenants clustered on one side of Western Ave., while luxury condos rise to ten stories above the river on the other side) and what its role could be (to reopen the conversation on Charlesview, and this time take a larger view of how this relocation could benefit us all).

The Harvard Crimson :: Opinion :: Building Community in Allston

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  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Let's not let The Charlesview Board, or The Community Builders, get off so easy either.
    As we all know they are also to blame just as much as Harvard University. Due to them screwing up on "THE BOTCH LAND DEAL" And also being so secretive to this community and to their tenants. I"m not sticking up for Harvard University, I would be the last person to do that, because as we know they are the WORST neighbor to have In North Allston, & North Brighton,