BRA consultants look for consensus

At last night's Harvard Allston Task Force / North Allston - North Brighton Community Wide Planning meeting, Steve Cecil, founder of The Cecil Group asked for consensus on several aspects of our community to enable his planning team to begin specific work on these subjects.

The items, in categories Roads, Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes, Open Space and Amenities, Residential Areas, Shopping and Services, Civic and Cultural Institutions, Community Programs and Resources, and Transit, cover many important subjects and our comments and questions are essential to make sure that the work that follows is aligned with our goals.

You can download the worksheet from the Files section of the ABNNF website - it is named CWP Armature Worksheet.pdf - and send it to The Cecil Group using the contact info on the page or by email to

Last night's meeting also included a presentation by Omar Blaik of U3 Ventures. Omar discussed the amazing transformation of West Philadelphia and the role of the University of Pennsylvania (where he was Senior Vice President for Facilities and Real Estate Services) as well as other progressive University/Community initiatives such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Library built and used jointly by residents of the City of San Jose and students and faculty at San José State University.

This BRA press release provides some background on the Community Wide Plan.

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