Harvard Crimson update on Harvard's planning process

The Harvard Crimson :: Harvard Embarks Upon Revision of Campus Expansion Plan

The Crimson takes a look at the status of Harvard's upcoming Master Plan and how the A/B community might, or might not, be able to comment on the plan and have these comments improve the result. An excerpt:

“If they’re really going to submit it in a few months, then it precludes any sort of meaningful input from the neighborhood at all,” said Task Force member Harry Mattison.

But according to Autler, moving this process along quickly would mean that Harvard would be able to implement benefits to the community sooner than previously anticipated.

“If we get this master plan to the finish line in a reasonable amount of time, the benefits that the neighborhood is looking for can start to materialize,” he said. He also said that neighbors will have three to four months in which to vet the master plan during public hearings before the city would approve it.

The University’s chief planner Kathy A. Spiegelman said that Harvrard is committed to keeping the concerns of the city and Allston residents in mind as they revise the master plan.

“Although everyone’s definition of ‘good’ is different, we are going to put a lot of energy and effort into making our response to the scope the best it could possibly be,” she said.

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