Last night's CWP meeting

Here is the Harvard Crimson's story about last night's A/B North Community Wide Planning Meeting. The BRA continues to put way too much content into each of these meetings. The 60 minute presentation last night included:
  • A historical overview of our neighborhood
  • Revisiting proposals for Barry's Corner and the Holton St Corridor
  • New ideas about the north side of Western Ave between Barry's Corner and Watertown, the Riverview Triangle (current home to the Acura dealer, IHOP, McDonalds, etc), and Cambridge St

In a large room of people it is impossible to have any kind of meaningful discussion about so much information.

Also, Tom Lally asked an important question about how this planning relates to Charlesview, and Lenny Kelliher asked "When?", noting that we have been looking at drawings like these for years and it is time to start developing a 2 year plan, a 5 year plan, etc. not just generally talk about something that might happen a decade or two (or 3 or 4) from now.

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  1. wellbasically10:19 AM

    Here's something for you to listen to vaguely related:

    I thought this was a good show for community organizers and other neighborhood folks to begin to learn about how to get what you want. The guy urges people at these planning meetings to stop using abstract language and learn the vocabulary of landscape planners in asking for what you want.