Pay until it hurts (and then keep paying)

I wonder how much more cut-through traffic this will bring to A/B as drivers seek ways to save a few bucks and avoid the Pike. There are already several comments on suggesting how people will change their travel routes. Ironically, considering all the concern about "sustainability", moving people from a road where they can drive at a relatively constant speed (and get "highway" mileage) onto local roads where they will do more stop & go driving (and get lower "city" mileage) is a pretty wasteful thing for the State to encourage.

Pike board approves toll hike - Local News Updates - The Boston Globe

The Turnpike Authority board voted 4-1 to approve a hike of 75 cents at the Weston and Allston-Brighton tollbooths and $3.50 at the Sumner and Ted Williams tunnels.

The plan, which is subject to public hearings and a final vote, would take effect Feb. 9. It would increase tolls at Weston and Allston-Brighton to $2 from $1.25 and at the tunnels to $7 from $3.50. Fast Lane users would pay $1.50 at Weston and Allston-Brighton and $6 at the tunnels.


  1. I already have to drive along Nonantum road to get to/from exit 17 every morning. Adding an exit "17 1/2" would drastically reduce secondary-road traffic and only marginally inconvenience through-traffic on the pike.

  2. The pols in the towns that are affected are all speaking out. Brighton traffic could be impacted by people avoiding the tolls. How do Honan. Tolman and Moran feel about the toll increase and the added traffic? I would be in favor of a gas tax and eliminate the tolls.

  3. Honan, Tolman, and Moran sent a letter to the Chairman of the Turnpike Authority asking for a resident discount program for Allston/Brighton. The letter (Nov14PikeLetter.PDF) can be downloaded at