Is James Adams Serious?

In a post extolling the Influence of Educational Institutions on Boston Real Estate, James J. Adams explains how he thinks Harvard is helping Allston and Brighton. He writes:

The Casey & Hayes building measures over 400,000 square feet and was owned by Cabot, Cabot & Forbes. CC&F carried out a beautiful renovation (the property is the large, all glass sprawling building on the north side of the Mass Pike opposite the Allston Depot restaurant.) CC&F then alternately marketed as office space and/or lab space unsuccessfully for 3 years. Harvard's purchase reduced vacancy in the Allston Brighton market by 20% in one fell swoop.
But Mr. Adams, there is one big problem with your analysis. The building is still vacant! Harvard purchased this empty building 3 years ago and IT IS STILL EMPTY! Harvard has been increasing the vacancy rate in Allston and Brighton for years (VW, CITGO, Charlesbank Cleaners, Kmart, OfficeMax, Toureen, etc).

It is highly irresponsible for Mr. Adams and John Keith (who publishes Adams's post as if it were fact) to spread this inaccurate information.


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    You are a silly goose who just likes to hate on the Crimson. Don't forget, they have more money than yooooooou!

  2. Hey Anonymous, if you're so sure about that, why not identify yourself?

  3. Probable for the same reason you do not identify youeself.
    John Thompson


    What is this, high school?

  5. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I remember when this building was just "fabric" panels on a steel structure.

    Richard from Revit.

  6. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I feel badly that somebody misses that old ugly empty Casey & Hayes Building. And the dry cleaner. And the VW dealer. I mean, who does Harvard think they are, planning to spend billions to destroy the aesthetics of industrial Allston. I demand answers--where are we to clean our clothing? Come on Drew, where, when???