Creative destruction on Western Ave

It is a special day when there is something good to say about something happening on Western Ave, and I am glad that today is one of those days. Mahoney's Garden Center, which has been a generous friend to our community, is almost finished demolishing the small building on Soldiers Field Road behind the Mahoney's store.
This demolition will make Mahoney's much more visible and accessible to Soldiers Field Road and will allow them to greatly increase their selection.


  1. Thanks to Harvard agreeing to sign a new lease. Not really sitting on land.

  2. Yes, thanks to Harvard and if only there was more Harvard land not being sat on like this.

  3. Jim,

    I am surprised you think this is a good idea. Do you think this will be the "highest and best use" of this 1/2 acre of riverfront property?


  4. Anonymous5:16 PM

    How long is the lease for?