While we are waiting for Harvard to resume construction

Last week the Globe asked for our ideas about what might be done with Harvard's empty property in Allston. Tracy Jan writes about these in the Globe's "The Quad" column:
  • BMX bike trail park
  • Rock-climbing walls
  • Go-cart park
  • Amusement park
  • Minatute golf, mobile BBQ or other "restaurants" (suggested by yours truly)
  • Harvard/Allston community garden
  • Tennis, basketball, shuffleboard, four square, and dodge ball
  • World's largest public skating rink


  1. Here is an interesting take on the ice rink. It used to be in Cambridge. For some reason Harvard could not put it up this year. They have an empy building and a rink. Put the two together and it looks like Harvard is helping Allston.

  2. Hi John,

    Yes, the ice rink that is now on Western Ave came from the law school. I don't see how that lessens the value of it for the people who will use it at its home in Allston.

    "The ice skating rink that covered Jarvis Field during winter months in recent years has been one casualty of the budget cuts."