Lowe’s still wants Brighton site

Sure will be interesting to see how this progresses. Commeters at the Globe site seem particularly excited because Lowe's may be ready to build now, but we have no idea how much of the New Balance proposal is also ready to build in the short term. To me it is hard to find much to be excited about in a big, ugly, duplicative home-improvement warehouse.

Lowe’s to try again for Hub store, but New Balance also has plans for Brighton site - The Boston Globe


  1. Ed Brown6:07 PM

    When does the city/politicians finally say no means no? This is embarrassing, the developer/owner keeps hiring different Menino hacks to try to squeeze this POS thru. The neighborhood aready has plenty of local hardware stores,Grossmans,D-Boy,a locally owned appliance store and an expanded Mahoney's Garden outlet on Western Ave also Home Depot and all associated traffic,is a 1/2 mile away in Watertown ... Allston and Brighton does not need another spot to buy 2x4's and rock salt. This location will not even service the rest of Boston as its impossible to access from any other part of the city. All other Lowes I know of are located on major routes with direct access to highways.Not even close at this location. This location is being targeted for suburbanites driving the Mass Pike who do not want it their own backyard.

  2. I don't necessarily see it that way and would certainly welcome development on Guest Street. While I will always support the local business' including Ace I do feel jobs and development on an unused parcel of land would be a benefit for the neighborhood especially if its retail. Options are always a good thing.

  3. Is that parcel unused? I thought it was being rented out to bands as practice spaces.

  4. NB uses the term "potential future development". That is not very promising. That should be the first question.
    John Thompson