Pagliuca still sees Allston as home for "Next Big Thing"

During his 2009 Senate campaign, I was impressed by Steve Pagliuca's interest in a productive use for Harvard's dormant Science Complex site on Western Ave. While campaign proposals often fade from view after the election, it is great that Pagliuca (who happens to have an MBA from Harvard Business School) has an op-ed in today's Globe and it still promoting the subject.

The next big thing - The Boston Globe
"A key piece of this plan should be to help Harvard accelerate the development of a life sciences cluster in Allston. In 2005, Larry Summers, then president of Harvard, envisioned that this life sciences cluster would be “what Florence was to an earlier era through what it was able to do in the arts, a center of a central intellectual activity of mankind.’’ We need to make that vision a reality."
Also, the Harvard Crimson placed Allston at #9 in its list of top 10 news stories of 2010.

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