The next Research Triangle & "borderline criminal"

Steve Pagliuca, candidate for US Senate, was on the WGBH Greater Boston show with Emily Rooney discussing his candidacy. Go to 2:3o in the interview and hear Steve and Emily talk about Steve's ideas for using Harvard's empty Allston land to create the next Research Triangle Park.
Pagliuca: I've had conversations with Harvard Business School, several universities, several CEOs, and an idea that we are talking about is - you've got a site over there at Harvard that isn't be developed now because of the problems with the endowment. We should have a federal, state, university - all the universities - partnership to get that thing going. To make it a cluster of biotechnology.

Rooney: That's borderline a criminal situation what Harvard has done over there. They let the City down, they let the university down, the neighbors are up in arms. Its almost like 90 acres of a vacant lot over there.

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