BU's new dorm in today's Globe

The Globe takes a look at BU's newly opened 960-bed Student Village II dorm in the southeast corner of Allston - "perhaps the most opulent residence hall to ever grace the local college landscape". Hopefully this helps shift the balance in Allston a bit from student rentals towards owner-occupied homes.

There is also this fun time-lapse video showing Boston's range of weather and the construction of the tower.


  1. Note that BU officials said that this year was the first one in quite a while that "on-campus" students would not be housed in hotel rooms.

    So, at least to a significant extent, these are students being moved from hotel rooms to luxury student dorm rooms -- which doesn't relieve the rental housing market.

    Also note that a BU official said that, with this dorm, they now are meeting (undergraduate) demand for on-campus housing. That means they view there as being no additional need in the near-term to build additional (undergraduate) student housing.

  2. Students were housed in hotels at the start of school. It was not permanent housing. This will take some students out of the neighborhood. There will never be 100% housing because some parents will find it cheaoper to have their children live off campus.

  3. I think that in order to move allston towards owner-occupied homes, there need to be homes for owners to occupy. There are only 11 single family homes on the market in Allston/Brighton, and of those only 3 are under $400,000. For that you can get a mansion in Somerville, with servants and ponies and jackalopes.

  4. Somerville has 10 single family houses for sale betweebn $500K and $250K. Most with very little land. I do not know if they come with servants.

  5. Don't forget the jackalopes.

    Somerville did have a lot more single families under $400K for sale over the past year, but they got bought up. We looked at some, but my husband refused to consider any neighborhood other than Allston. A few of my friends bought houses in Somerville this year. The ones on the market now have been sitting there for about a year. I think there's maybe two new postings in the past couple months. The All/Bright listings are pretty stale too. And a few of the houses that were listed got pulled -- I guess the owners are holding out for better times.