Mark Ciommo campaign finance report

Mark reports a $13,671 ending balance from his previous finance report and raised $35,316 between 1/1/09 and 9/4/09.

Contributions of note:
  • $200 from Robert Beal, the Harvard graduate and real estate developer who provided the "front" for Harvard to secretly purchase Allston property in the 90's -
  • $500 from the Boston Firefighters Union
  • $500 from the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association
  • $1000 from the Boston Teachers Union
  • $500 from the Carpenters Union
  • $100 from Merrill Diamond, developer of, among other things, the Waterworks housing in Brighton
  • $450 from State Rep Kevin Honan
  • $1000 from the IBEW
  • $200 from lawyer Stephen Miller of McDermott, Quilty, & Miller, a firm well-known for its liquor licence and zoning variance work
  • $500 from the Pipefitters Union
  • $500 from the Retired Public Employees PAC
  • $500 from real estate lawyer Paul Rufo


  1. Harry, I believe that there are two sets of contributions to Ciommo that were in excess of the $500 maximum allowed per calendar year -- $1000 from the Boston Teachers Union and $1000 from Jim Davis (founder of New Balance).

    In both cases, the excess $500 were returned and are documented later in the reports (under expenditures). I don't know why they accounted for the money that way, but so be it.

    Note that the $1000 from IBEW comes from two different union groups ($500 each), so my suspicion is that this is consistent with state campaign finance law.

  2. To be honest, the one that really stands-out like an infected sore is the contribution from Beal.