The Allston Exception

In this editorial in today's Globe, I read that "Nearly every neighborhood in the city has improved under Menino". Having lived in Allston since year after Menino was elected I was puzzled by this statement but then nodded in agreement at the next one:
"The major exception is the part of Allston slated to become a new campus for Harvard University. Menino lost track of Harvard as it acquired property stealthily through proxies during the late 1990s. And he could only look on powerlessly when the economy faltered and Harvard shelved much of its plan to build 10 million square feet of new building space, leaving neighbors complaining about the vacant buildings in their midst."

While I would agree that Menino can't do much when Harvard decides to stop its Allston construction, I doubt that he is "powerless" when it comes to negotiating with Harvard to allow development on more land to create a better new Charlesview.

Thanks to the Globe for remembering our situation here.


  1. I can't imagine the residents of Dorchester would agree that their neighborhoods have improved. I'd go and ask them, but I'm afraid of getting shot.

  2. Happy, That is uncalled for. There are some very nice parts of Dorchester.

  3. I'm sure there are some very nice parts of Dorchester, but if you view the crime map at universal hub you can see a concentration of incidents in the Dorchester area.

  4. Just to be clear -- I'm not dumping on the residents of Dorchester. I think they deserve an increased police presence -- equal to what the residents of, say, Back Bay enjoy. I think that Menino has dumped tons of money into his favorite neighborhoods, like the North End, while totally ignoring others. When I lived in the North End I didn't mind very much.