Some factoids from yesterday's election

A couple Ward 21 stats from yesterday's prelim from Civic Boston: Boston's Preliminary: Turnout and Patterns

  • Turnout was 11.6% (lowest in the City)
  • Yoon won 8 precincts in Ward 21 (he won 25 precincts citywide)

Also some facts from O'Malley on the Web: Boston Votes: 2009 Mayoral Preliminary

  • McCrea’s best showing was in Ward 22 (Allston/Brighton) where he received 6.6% of the vote.
  • Menino came in 3rd place in one precinct: Ward 21-1 (Allston’s BU precinct). There, Yoon won 50 votes, Flaherty took 37, and the Mayor earned 34 votes.

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