Some people will say anything

I am continually amazed how some lawyers, architects, and others will lie, misrepresent, mislead, and deceive on behalf of their clients. At last night's Allston Civic Association meeting, a woman being paid by Blanchard's Liquors sought support for a new "blade" sign that would rise vertically away from the building identical to the sign that Blanchard's already has on the Harvard Ave side of the building.

Part of this woman's rationale was that from Brighton Ave it is too easy for people to miss the liquor store on the corner, even after Blanchard's expands into the Sunrise Market space and replaces the market's sign with a "specialty liquors" sign. How anyone could say that with a straight face is beyond me.

It would be easier for residents to support the businesses in our neighborhood if the businesses would be more honest as they seek our support.

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