Voters where are you?

I was so proud last year when the lines were out the door of the Honan Library when such an amazing number of people came out to vote in the Presidential election. Today, not so much as only a slow trickle of people are coming out to vote.

To both save money and increase participation, Kevin McCrea's proposal makes a lot of sense to me. He would have the next mayoral term be 3 years (instead of the normal 4) to get Boston's Mayoral elections into the same year as the Presidential elections.


  1. Well, hopefully there will be a lot of people voting after work - like me... but I have a bad feeling about this if the turnout was light this morning. If A-B doesn't vote, I can't see how we'll have much of a voice at all.

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    They want to depress turnout so it's just city workers.

  3. No, I think it's ignorance. I have friends and neighbors that I know didn't vote. They so easily forget that their vote DOES COUNT, and that local elections may not seem as exciting, in many ways they are evn more important than the "big ones".
    All I can say to any of them is, if you didn't vote, don't complain. I don't want to hear it.