What to do with the Science Complex site?

The Globe asked a variety of creative people what they'd do to transform the Filene's site, Columbus Center, the Longwood biolab, and the Harvard expansion in Allston until construction resumes.

Allston residents John Powell and Ross Miller submitted ideas for the Science Complex site on Western Ave. You can vote for your favoite or submit your own design

Miller - Use it as a new urban common. Activities could include a community gardens, climbing wall, skateboard park, and performance center. Powell - Build a quarter-mile projection screen on the fence surrounding the construction site. The images would be drawn from the neighborhood's past, present, and future. Projectors would be mounted on the utility poles next to the fencing, and installments would rotate and allow residents from the neighborhood to design or photograph pictures to be featured.

While we are on the subject, this reminds me of these beautiful murals on construction barriers that Harvard showed the Allston community back in 2007. They sure look a lot nicer than the blank wall that Harvard put up instead.

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  1. I like them both but I prefer Ross's since it would allow the land behind the walls to be used by the community instead of simply sitting there wasted for the next 5-10 years.

    One thing that still bugs me about the Science Center: Back when Harvard was seeking approval to proceed, various Harvard and BRA officials accused those looking for better benefits associated with the Science Center construction as holding back valuable research that would save the lives of people - a thinly veiled accusation of causing people physical harm. Now that Harvard has pulled the plug by choosing other priorities instead, do they hold any responsibility in this area? I don't want to level it myself since I felt it was a ridiculous accusation in the first place, but the double-standard is notable.