All the buzzwords, None of the benefit or vision

Harvard - Allston Campus - Page 47 -

"This IMP hits all the fancy buzzwords including but not limited to "greenway" and yet there's absolutely no vision (the massing and future layout of Barry's Corner is completely bungled) and no clear benefit for Harvard either. This IMP strikes me as a fancy placeholder so that they can continue to landbank here (with a planning horizon counting in centuries, not years)."


  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Can't say I entirely agree with this. We'll see more Samuels-like projects in and around Barry's corner and in the western corridor of western ave.

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Harry, be careful, you are too smart for these Harvard characters and you are aware of the history of kidnapping of Elis. Your reductionist shot of the IMP is a bull's eye.

  3. Anonymous2:59 PM

    more like the "greyway", pave over everything in sight and if it's not a parking lot stick a highrise building on it and make sure you pack it in. I think Harvard's strategy, such as it is, is indeed to landbank and basically Allston is still Harvard's closet, which is actually getting packed with more "stuff", where anything unsightly is stored. Very few people who work at Harvard actually live in Allston and therefore the nonresidents don't get it. The City should impose a monetary fee with a formula based on project scale and it should directly benefit the residents affected by the skewed demographics (lack of anyone over 30), traffic, noise disruptions (usually due to aforementioned population), which are all due either indirectly or directly from Harvard expansion and disruption. the only project I have heard mentioned that would actually benefit the community is having engineering move here, and I am sure engineering sees that as being moved to Siberia.

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    i am kind of sick of projects like the samuels one, which add traffic/construction/noise with no discernible benefit to the community. the focus of the residents at the new samuels buildings will be harvard square and cambridge. samuels is not going to advertise it for its proximity to locations in allston because there is no there there at "barry's corner" and harvard continues in its quest to ensure that that nowhere space continues by building parking lots where lively and open space should be. i would prefer the "old" allston which was perfectly fine, diversity in population and diversity in age, affordability in housing and quiet in the evenings. was that so bad? is this preferable to have this entity come in and push its own agenda onto the neighborhood? does the bra think that is preferable/ judging from their board meeting with the rubberstamps and then the unions lining up like soldiers (how many allston construction jobs are there with allston residents??) / terrible, this is a war of attrition and harvard is winning