Harvard's 5 year plan & importance of interim uses

Harvard's IMP shows many 3D renderings of what its campus and Barry's Corner might look like in 10 years, but there are no such renderings showing what things will look like for the next 5+ years. And 5 years is quite a while.

So I've color coded the map on page 101 of Harvard's Master Plan with the phasing information on page 112.

The takeaway is that Harvard's 4 IMP projects between now and 2018 are relatively small interior projects at Harvard Athletics and HBS. It isn't until 2020 that we might see new construction in Barry's Corner that could enliven this area.

If it is going to be 6+ years before these buildings begin construction, it becomes all the more important to ask what will happen on these sites in the meantime to contribute to a strong and vibrant community.

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