Can Harvard students not cross North Harvard Street safely?

The Allston/Brighton community and the BRA have both asked why a new Harvard basketball arena is the best use of land in Barry's Corner. It the "site selection rationale" of its Master Plan, it is interesting that Harvard describes North Harvard Street as a busy and dangerous street that poses a grave safety risk.
Harvard Master Plan, page 136
I have crossed North Harvard Street countless times, pushing infants in strollers, with young children riding bikes, in bad weather, and more. It would be nice to have a crosswalk with walk signal at the Honan Library (as an alternative to the one at the one at Easton Street). But when compared to Western Ave, Cambridge Street, and the other major roads in our community, crossing North Harvard feels relatively easy and safe. I doubt that Harvard students, who have to cross many busier roads (like Memorial Drive) on their walk from Cambridge to Allston, would have a safety problem getting across North Harvard Street.

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  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I have been in Allston over 50 years and North Harvard is not dificult to cross, except at Kingsley, until the light went in. My mother always taught us to look both ways, and to keep looking both ways to make sure the drivers were not disobeying the rules of slowing down. I have also walked kids, pushed strollers and rode bikes back and forth. As a driver, DON't ever assume that a driver can see you or even stop on a dime to let you pass, even if you are in the crosswalk. As for the light at Hill Mem'l., it was put there because I was told that Ray Malone had gotten hit by a car there. There is also a lot of foot traffic coming and going from the church all days of the week. I use the light whenever I need to cross the street at that point. If one is walking to the library from either end of North Harvard Street, there are 3 lights to use to cross safely. Unless you are coming from Hooker Street. You would have to either walk up to Hess or at the church to use a light.