State Senate - Galluccio vs. ???

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Cambridge City Councilor Marjorie Decker isn't running for the seat being opened up by Jarrett Barrios. Will anyone else step up to make this a race?


  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    What do you mean by "will anybody step up"?!

    I just found your blog while looking for info on potential community groups to get involved with. I have just purchased a condo in Allston with plans to raise my daughter here.

    I must admit though, after reading your "blog" I thought I made a mistake buying a home in Allston! You depict Allston as a horrible place to live!! Quite frankly though, it seems to contradict some of the things I know about Allston. I went to undergrad at BU years ago. At that time Allston was run down and dirty - a place I thought I would never CHOOSE to live with my child! However, since then, Allston is a completely different place with beautiful, renovated homes. Of key note, you too CHOOSE to buy a home here and yet all you do is complain about the area you CHOSE to live in. It makes no sense. You clearly must have done some research before moving here.

    I NEVER respond to these things!! What honestly compelled me to respond to this post was after scrolling down and seeing the post on where our representatives live. You are so wrapped up with pointing fingers at others that you don't realize your own contradicting words. Why don't YOU step up and stop complaining!!

  2. By "will anyone step up" I meant will anyone else run for the open senate seat? It is relatively rare for there to be an open seat and when there is one there is often a hotly contested race. So I thought it was interesting that even though we are several months away from the election there is only one declared candidate.

    Most of what I am putting in this blog based on stories in the Globe, TAB, and other papers. In one of my previous posts I offered to let anyone post in this blog and if there is anything, positive or negative, that you would like to post, you are welcome to do so.

    We could have an interesting discussion about legislative redistricting and its impact on Allston and other parts of the state. For starters there is the Common Cause website ( and Senate Bill 12 ( Many people think that the relatively low voter turnout in Allston and Brighton effects our neighborhood in many ways and our district boundaries could influence that.

    Regarding what I am doing, here are a few things that you might be interested to know about:

    1) The Lincoln Street Green Strip
    This is a dirty abandoned piece of land between Lincoln and Cambridge Streets that has had a negative influence on our neighborhood for many years. Working with neighbors and the Allston Brighton CDC we have received $72,000 in grants to create a neighborhood park. We have a monthly cleanup the first Saturday of every month at 9:30am if you would like to join us.

    2) Improving Lincoln Street along the Mass Pike
    With our State Reps and a group of Allston residents I am trying to get a safe and attractive barrier along Lincoln Street. Hopefully there will be an update on this next month and I certainly hope that there is good news that comes from this that I can post on this blog.

    3) Harvard Allston Task Force
    As a member of this task force I am looking forward to representing the community and working with Harvard and the City on this unprecedented opportunity for Allston and Boston.

    4) Allston Brighton 2006
    This is a new forum with an online discussion board ( and a kickoff meeting this Saturday at the Honan Allston Library from 3-5pm to talk about what we can do this year to improve Allston and Brighton.

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Harry, I enjoy reading your blog, as I live in Allston as well.

    Recently I have been learning about the project to revamp Comm Ave from Kenmore Square to the BU Bridge. What I'd really like to see is similar improvements continue into Allston, especially along the stretch where Harvard Ave and Comm Ave cross. I've heard mention of a long-term plan to revamp the entire stretch all the way to BC.

    It seems like you are pretty involved with the different community organizations in Allston. Are you aware of any plans related to revamping Comm Ave in Allston and Brighton?