Task force to oversee Harvard's Allston development

Task force to oversee Harvard's development of North Allston campus
The task force will serve as an advisory board to the Boston Redevelopment Authority and Harvard University throughout the master planning process.
The Harvard Allston Task Force members include:
Brian Golden, former State Representative, resident
Paul Berkeley, resident
Harry Mattison, resident
Cathleen Campbell, resident
Millie Holcum McLaughlin, resident
Andy Yu, resident
Ray Mellone, resident
Michael Hanlon, resident,
John Bruno, resident
Bruce Houghton, business owner
Mary Ellen Black, resident
Tim Norton, resident
John Cusack, resident
Valter Vitorino, business owner
Brighton Lew, resident
Brian Gibbons, resident
Rita DiGesse, resident

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  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I had no idea that John Cusack lived in Allston. That's amazing