Liquor and live music on Linden Street?

At the Oct 25 Allston Civic Association meeting, the owners of 20 Linden Street in Allston and one of Boston's top licensing lawyers came to ask for community support for a live entertainment license. Last year they got a liquor license (despite community opposition) and now they want a license allowing them to have parties, weddings, and other events with more than 200 people, liquor, and live music. From this article in the Globe, it sounds like a lot of good things are happening at 20 Linden.

But I can't see any reason the community should support huge loud parties that will go late at night on the edge of a residential neighborhood. Would anyone want to live across the street from this sort of activity? Especially after we learned from the Allston-Brighton police that they have had to come break up fights in the parking lot after previous events at this location.

Stay tuned... No vote was taken at this weeks's ACA meeting and it will be back on the agenda in a couple months.

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  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    have you seen the apartments across the street from that place? I dont think you'll hear any complaining from those people...