Where will Harvard construction workers park their cars?

We know that won't "pahk their cahrs in Hahvad Yahd", as the saying goes. So where will they park? Here is what the Science Complex PNF says:
The traffic-related construction mitigation measures to be specified in the CMP
- Providing off-street parking at market rates for construction workers. This measure is intended to avoid parking impacts to the surrounding neighborhoods while encouraging construction workers to commute by transit, carpool, or other non-automobile means.
Harvard owns acres of empty parking lots in Allston but they seem to want to make a few bucks by charging their contractors to park here! I don't know what "market rate" parking in North Allston is (10 or 20 bucks a day?) but it seems this will do exactly the opposite of what Harvard says they want to do. Won't the workers park for free on our neighborhood streets instead of paying to park in a Harvard lot?

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