New Link Makes Road to Cape Cod Clear Sailing

New Link Makes Road to Cape Cod Clear Sailing - New York Times: "the Sagamore Rotary — a complicated traffic circle that drivers had to navigate to pass over the Sagamore Bridge and onto Cape Cod — became history on Friday when the four-lane road that goes right to the bridge opened to traffic from all directions. Up to 90,000 cars pass through the rotary on a busy summer day, officials said."
It is great that the State is making major transportation improvements. I wonder how many cars annually drive through some of the places in Allston that border on gridlock and I hope there will be serious attention paid to improving them. The horror show that is the intersection of the Mass Pike off-ramp, Cambridge Street, Soldiers Field Road, and River Street Bridge only seems to get worse and worse. Hopefully it won't be too many years before it gets the major reconstruction and re-design that it deserves.

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