More on Harvard's proposed Stadium Way

Harvard's proposal for a new street conntecting Cambridge St and Western Ave has been a recurring topic of interest at Task Force meetings. Here are the new roads proposed in the Science Complex PNF. There is the extension of Rena St, Stadium Way going from Cambridge St to Western Ave to N Harvard St, and the unnamed road from the Mass Pike off-ramp to Western Ave. The Mass Pike-Western Ave connector seems like it will be a great thing. This was in the April 24 Transportation presentation but I don't think we have heard about it since then (Harvard's October 11 transporation presentation still isn't on the BRA website).

The straightened Stadium Way that stays away from the Cambridge/Windom intersection is much better than what we were shown on Oct 11. The PNF doesn't give any information about this other than this one image, so we will have to wait for the IMP Amendment filing for more information. Regarding the two "temporary alignments", what does "temporary" mean? The northern temporary route must stay so long as Charlesview is in its current location, but what is the timetable for the one south of Rena St? Will large trucks be able to make the sharp turn from this curve in Stadium way onto Rena St?

Stadium Way is only 30 yards from the houses on Windom Street. What will protect these houses from the noise? Research shows that trees will not be an effective sound barrier in a situation like this so a barrier wall, earth berm, or an other solution will be needed.

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