Air pollution and its affect on our health

If you live, work, or attend school within 100 yards of a roadway carrying 100,000 or more vehicles per day, you are more likely to suffer from cardiac or pulmonary disease. California state law restricts the siting of new schools within 500 feet of a freeway or an urban roadway with 50,000 vehicles or more per day. The California Air Resources Board recommends caution before siting residences, day care centers, playgrounds, or medical facilities within those same distances.

Here is the daily traffic volume of some North Allston roads, according to Harvard University and Boston Transporation Dept
North Harvard - 13,000
Western Ave - 15,000
Cambridge St - 35,000
Soldiers Field Rd - 26,000
Mass Pike ???

Here's some more info:
Somerville Rep Pitches Two Bills To Address Health Impacts Of Air Pollution

Map showing the busiest intersections and interchanges in Greater Boston. Allston and Brighton is a swarm of red and orange.

Allston/Brighton traffic data from the from Boston Transportation Dept

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  1. It's interesting that Soldiers Field Road carries the same amount of traffic per day as North Beacon St. Seems like a good argument to me to either turn Soldier's Field Road into an at-grade parkway with fewer lanes, adding bike lanes and crosswalks, instead of a physically divisive limited-access parkway which cuts off the neighborhood from the riverfront.