Harvard Science Complex design discussion tonight @ 6 at Honan Library

Here is a thought relevant to the topic of tonight's meeting with Stephan Behnisch, the architect designing Harvard's Science Complex. In Harvard's 50-year Allston plan it says:
How will the University community still know it’s Harvard?

By employing contemporary expressions of the cherished architectural and landscape devices, such as intimate scale, courtyard buildings and tree canopies.
What does "intimate scale" mean? At least for those of us who spend more time looking at the outside of Harvard building than we do inside them, I don't see much intimacy in the scale of what Harvard is doing here.

Example 1: One Western Ave.

Example 2: The 125 foot tall Science Complex that is the subject of tonight's meeting.

In the dictionary one definition of intimate is "of a very personal or private nature." That makes sense. Harvard's new campus does seem very private and restricted to people with a very close association. So maybe that's what they have in mind.

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