City to publish trash scofflaws' names

City to publish trash scofflaws' names - The Boston Globe: "In an effort to persuade trash scofflaws to pay their bills, the city today begins trying a new tactic: shame."

The top 20 violators based on the amount owed in code violations are now listed on Many of these violators have Allston and Brighton properties such as:
- Sabet Management Co/Sabetfard, Alfred Trust: Owner of 108 Allston St
- Polacco, Michael: Owner of 13 Sparhawk, 72 Strathmore, 51 Allston St, 54 Chester St
- Ciliberti, Joseph: Owner of homes on Pratt, Gardner, Chester, Appian Way, Alcott, Everett, and more
- Rothman, Steven: 129 Braemore
- Forty-5 Ashford St Condo

Menino also recently filed a home-rule petition asking the Legislature for tools to help make garbage violators pay. The proposal would allow the city to place liens on the property of owners who have not paid bills for illegal dumping, site cleanliness, and improper storage of trash.

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