Patrick supports Fast Lane discount

Patrick supports Fast Lane discount - The Boston Globe

"The discount has been funded largely by the proceeds of the $75 million sale of turnpike land in Allston to Harvard University in 2003."

It is nice to save a quarter at the Mass Pike tolls, but it strikes me as strange that this is how the $75 million from Harvard is being spent by the State. Seems like there are other things in Allston that the Turnpike could fund (noise barrier walls along the Pike in Allston, maintenance and improvements to the Franklin St overpass that crosses the Pike that is usually a disgusting mess, tree planting or other general beautification around the Pike land, targeted toll discounts for Allston residents, air pollution monitoring and remediation for people living near the Pike who might be affected by all the tailpipe emissions, etc.) that would be more relevant to the situation.

The existing toll discount is a nice little benefit for thousands of people from all over the state. I don't think I would expect a benefit if the Pike sold land it owns in Framingham.

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